Tuesday, 5th of September: Coming Clean at SmallChanges

When What Host
5.30pm - 8.30pm Zero Waste Shopping Various Vendors
6.30pm - 7.30pm Smells Like Clean Spirit Molly Aylesbury
7.30pm - 8.30pm Shampoo Alternatives - Time to Wean off the Bottle? AB Soap Studio

Smells Like Clean Spirit

While most of the ads will have you believing that you need to wage war on the germs in your house with a myriad of antibacterial and strong smelling chemicals, this is simply not the case. Bacteria will also succumb to hot water, pantry staples and a little elbow grease. Sorry Mr. Muscle! Join this workshop to learn how to make your own grime busting cleaners. From dealing with dirty clothes to the dreaded bathroom, say goodbye to stubborn stains and questionable cleaning products. Molly will show you how to have your kitchen scrubbed, your bathroom sparkling, your socks smelling delicious.


Shampoo Alternatives - Time to Wean off the Bottle?

Join this talk if you would like to learn about hair care alternatives that do not come in plastic and consist merely of what nature has to offer. You will find out what herbs, botanicals and procedures would best suit your hair type and how you can make them yourself. We will also discuss no-poo, how to survive the dreaded “transition period” and how to best detox your hair. This talk is free and you will be able to purchase loose ingredients, get your own freshly mixed hair care formula, or pick up a conditioning shampoo bar by AB Studio - Clean Design.

Zero Waste Shopping

As a part of the day, we will have market stalls ready where you will be able to purchase ingredients for your cleaning experiments in bulk or ready-made eco solutions without packaging - as refills of your own containers. There will be Bring Your Own, Bare Necessities, Sonnett and also SmallChanges with a range of cleaning alternatives.



About hosts

Molly Aylesbury
Molly has spent her life making-her-own, growing-her-own and doing-it-herself. She was the only kid in her junior infants class who wanted to save the trees when she grew up and at 28 she feels she is slowly getting there, though has a long way to go to be self sufficient yet. She has a BSc. in Environmental Biology and a MSc in Sustainable Development and most would say that her foraged jams are some of the best. Molly makes most of her own food, beauty and cleaning products with friends as usually willing guinea pigs. All of this naturally led her to the Zero Waste lifestyle, beginning her journey 3 years ago. Since then she has fully embraced it, opening a Zero Waste stall Bare Necessities Ireland with her best friend and accomplice Mies Stam. She also holds workshops and talks about living greener as well as being one half of Wildflower Walks Ireland teaching people the value of our native flora.


AB Soap Studio
This Wicklow-based soap studio produces natural luxury soaps and shampoo bars handcrafted in Ireland for those who like to keep clean with style.