Saturday, 9th of September: Zero Waste Festival at the CIE Hall in Inchicore

The main event of the week - full of Zero Waste events!

Workshop Room

When What Host
11.15 am - 12.15 pm Smells Like Clean Spirit Molly Aylesbury from Bare Necessities
12.30 pm - 1.30 pm Zero (Food) Waste Hacks Zdenka from Coming To Zero
1.45 pm - 2.45 pm Household Chemical Health Michele Hallahan
3 pm - 4 pm DIY Natural Skincare & Household Cleaners Tracey from Bia Beauty
4.15 pm - 5.15 pm Fermentation & Probiotics Neil Barrett from Fermentation Ireland

Smells Like Clean Spirit

While most of the ads will have you believing that you need to wage war on the germs in your house with a myriad of antibacterial and strong smelling chemicals, this is simply not the case. Bacteria will also succumb to hot water, pantry staples and a little elbow grease. Sorry Mr. Muscle! Join this workshop to learn how to make your own grime busting cleaners. From dealing with dirty clothes to the dreaded bathroom, say goodbye to stubborn stains and questionable cleaning products. Molly will show you how to have your kitchen scrubbed, your bathroom sparkling, your socks smelling delicious.


Zero (Food) Waste Hacks

If you want to learn some tricks about preventing food waste in a household, how to put less organic waste into your brown bin and how to make the most from your cupboards content, this workshop is for you. You will learn new ways of using things you already have at home, find new uses for everyday items and make some easy reusables to replace the single-use baddies. Prepare for some glass jars, cotton bags and beeswax wraps action!


Household Chemical Health

Many of the household chemical and personal care products that we use contain dangerous chemicals; some carcinogenic, some mutagenic, some endocrine disrupters. These chemicals are allowed by law, and only a few hundred chemicals out of the tens of thousands of chemicals in existence are banned. Learn what lurks in your house and how to replace them, to better you and your family's health.


DIY Natural Skincare & Household with Bia Beauty

Tracey from Bia Beauty will give a practical tutorial on making natural skincare products and natural household items like toothpaste and laundry liquid. She will show participants how to make natural (option re-useable) baby wipes/facial wipes, laundry liquid and toothpaste. She will also talk through lots of other recipes for cleansers, masks, lip balms, etc. During the workshop she will give lots of information on shops and websites to buy ingredients and containers from as well as ideas for using ingredients and materials you might have at home...and she'll give away all products made at the end of the workshop.


Fermentation & Probiotics

Neil Barrett from Fermentation Ireland have been selling various types of fermentation cultures online from sourdoughs (where his real interest was born) to scobies and the like. He has been fermenting for many years, his sourdough is nearly 20 years old and he ferments almost anything - milk kefir was my first scoby which then turned into water kefir, kombucha, jun (his favourite) made with honey and green tea. Vegetable fermentations such as hot sauces, pickles, sauerkrauts, kimchi, garlic scapes, beetroot kvas and so on...come along to his workshop on Friday and learn a thing or two! Before you know it, your life might be overtaken by cultures growing everywhere (and that’s a good thing!).



About hosts

Molly Aylesbury
Molly has spent her life making-her-own, growing-her-own and doing-it-herself. She was the only kid in her junior infants class who wanted to save the trees when she grew up and at 28 she feels she is slowly getting there, though has a long way to go to be self sufficient yet. She has a BSc. in Environmental Biology and a MSc in Sustainable Development and most would say that her foraged jams are some of the best. Molly makes most of her own food, beauty and cleaning products with friends as usually willing guinea pigs. All of this naturally led her to the Zero Waste lifestyle, beginning her journey 3 years ago. Since then she has fully embraced it, opening a Zero Waste stall Bare Necessities Ireland with her best friend and accomplice Mies Stam. She also holds workshops and talks about living greener as well as being one half of Wildflower Walks Ireland teaching people the value of our native flora.

Zdenka from Coming To Zero
Zdenka is originally from Slovakia and living in Dublin since 2007. She likes the smell of freshly cut grass and gorse bushes, the texture of proven dough and the sound of the sea. She also loves our little blue planet and decided to do her bit to keep it in shape for future generations. Even though she knows that one person cannot change the whole world, she believes that a small act can spark the thought of change in many. She started her Zero Waste journey in 2014, mainly to feel better in herself but also to inspire others. She shares her ups and downs on this road on her blog If she is not collecting and cleaning glass jars or filling them with the results of her kitchen experiments, you will find her trying to grow her own veg in a tiny urban garden or looking up new ways of preventing food waste and removing disposable plastics from one’s life.

Michele Hallahan
Michele Hallahan, LEED AP, began her career at Trinity College Dublin and has worked in the environmental and sustainability sector for over twenty years both in the United States and in Europe. The president of Eco-Logic, an environmental and sustainability consultancy, she has incorporated permaculture and systems thinking into her work since working with Living Machines™ in the 1990s. Having endometriosis inspired her to look into the toxic load of modern day living, and led her to de-toxify her home and life. She co-wrote ‘Source – a Sustainable Guide to Holistic Living in Ireland’ and is an educator, trainer and public speaker at national and international events.

Tracey Ryan from Bia Beauty
Tracey, founder of Bia Beauty Skincare is massively passionate about natural ingredients and plants. This passion led her to study Horticulture & Sustainable Development and a further degree in Herbal Science. Tracey loves to take a conventional product apart and find a natural way to make a much better product. She posts weekly DIY tutorials on her YouTube Channel - Bia Beauty.

Neil Barrett
Neil has a couple of businesses - Hot in the Kitchen, a catering company that also teaches cookery classes, cookery demonstrations and workshops. Recently with the growing public interest in fermentation, he was asked if he would share some of the knowledge he has gleaned from classes, instructors, chefs, little old ladies, Internet and books...and so Fermentation Ireland was born.


Discussion Room

When What Host
11.15 am - 12.15 pm Zero Waste 101 Patricia O'Flynn
12.30 pm - 1.30 pm Zero Waste Children Cecilia Ramondetta
1.45 pm - 2.45 pm Low Environmental Impact Family...Is It Possible? Ellen Cullen
3 pm - 4 pm Getting Your Community Involved Joanne Redpath
4.15 pm - 5.15 pm Zero Waste for a Better World Jenn & Niall from The Green Diary

Zero Waste 101 by Patricia O’Flynn

An introduction to Zero Waste basics and advice on how to make them part of your lifestyle. Learn how Patricia got interested and resources she used to inform and inspire herself along the way.


Zero Waste Children by Cecilia Ramondetta

Are you expecting or have small kids? Come along to hear an introduction on strategies to reduce waste associated with the birth of a child from a Zero Waste Mum.


Low Environmental Impact Family...Is It Possible? By Ellen Cullen

A couple of kids and no car? Can it be done? A personal account of rearing a family in an ordinary urban environment and the many little (and couple of big) things they've managed to do to reduce their family's carbon and waste footprint.


Getting Your Community Involved by Joanne Redpath

Reusable cups at sporting events. The Conscious Cup Campaign. Clean up events. Swishing(clothes swap). Cloth nappy workshop/library. Learn all about it!


Zero Waste for a Better World by The Green Diary

Jenn and Niall will talk about how |Zero Waste fits into the bigger picture of sustainability by linking 'small' individual actions with more complex situations that most people think they can't change or improve such as climate change, environmental degradation or even violent conflict. We will explore Zero Waste and low consumption mindsets and the potential impact these approaches can have on our planet and in our societies.



About hosts

Patricia O’Flynn
"Anyone that comes from a big family knows that nothing gets wasted." Patricia grew up in a large family and this has had a big influence on her attitude to life. She has always been interested in protecting the environment but became aware of zero waste 3 years. About 6 months after she became a member of the Zero Waste Facebook group and is now part of the organising team of the Zero Waste Festival. "For me going on a zero waste journey is about putting your values and opinions into practice and actions. There is no point complaining about the demise of the planet, I want to feel like I'm doing something about it!"

Cecilia Ramondetta
Cecilia is an Italian living in Ireland since 2000. A mother of a boy of 4, teacher, educator, music therapist and spiritual counselor; at the moment teaching Italian to bi/multilingual children both in schools and with her own association. She is also a qualified Elimination Communication and potty training consultant. Celia is passionate about humankind of all ages and backgrounds, the environment, deep philosophical thinking and practical solutions to seemingly big problems. Having a lifelong commitment to leaving the world a better place than what she found has brought her to use her energy and skills in many different places: In Ireland working in Cultivate when it was based in Dublin, the Dublin Food Co-op, Sustainable Tourism Ireland (helping win a Social Entrepreneurs grant). ZW is the latest development in her path, passionate about sharing the message, she has given talks on the subject herself as well as helping organise Bea Johnson's visit to Dublin last March.

Ellen Cullen
Ellen and her sisters grew up in the space and freedom of rural Co. Wexford. Their parents were from local farming families and could turn their hands to just about anything. It was a house with lots of (but not all) things homegrown, locally sourced, homemade and handcrafted. Sustainable before it had the name. All 3 of them have grown up caring deeply for the environment and wanting to do their bit to protect our planet. Ellen now lives in Dublin with her husband and 4 children. Despite not having her parents hands-on skills (or large rural garden) they are doing their best to rear their children in a low-impact/sustainable way

Joanne Redpath
Joanne is the Chairperson of Carlingford Tidy Towns and has a day job as a dentist.

The Green Diary
Jenn is a PhD researcher on Peacebuilding and Environmental issues at Trinity College Dublin and Niall is an environmental journalist and editor of GreenNews. Together, they created The Green Diary, a platform where they share their story beyond sustainability. Their journey is focused on low-impact living, from environmental solutions, permaculture, zero-waste, veganism, minimalism and slow consumption to working for a more empathetic, just and peaceful society. They use their investigative, journalistic and academic skills and communicate their findings in easy and friendly ways to guide and empower people on how to change the world.