Friday, 8th of September: Rethinking Waste at Dublin Food Co-Op

Becoming Zero Waste is a journey. Along the way we learn about all the ‘R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot! But how much do we really know about them?

When What Host
12 pm - 1 pm Recycling Workshop by VOICE Mindy O'Brien
1 pm - 2 pm Repak Plastic Workshop REPAK
2 pm - 3 pm Composting Workshop Richard Taplin from Bridgefoot Street GC
2 pm - 4 pm Zero Waste Workshop The Other Mother
5 pm - 6 pm Sustainable Plant-Based Milks Jenn from The Green Diary
6 pm - 7 pm Fermentation & Probiotics Neil Barrett
7 pm - 8 pm Eating Food Waste Anxiety The Endy Bit
8.30 pm - 10.30 pm Screening of 'Bag It' Zero Waste Festival

Recycling Workshop by VOICE

Mindy O'Brien from Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment will hold a talk about what exactly can go in your recycling bin with Mindy O'Brien from VOICE so that you don’t have to ever again wonder what to do with that pizza box!


Repak Plastic Workshop

What do all the endless arrows and numbers mean? If you don’t know but would love to, joins us for this plastic awareness workshop and educate yourself about all the PETs, HDPEs, PPs and all the rest!


Composting Workshop by Bridgefoot Street Community Garden

If rotting confuses you, pop along to our Composting Workshop! You will learn about what composter will work for you, what you can do with it and most importantly, how to use it!


Zero Waste Workshop by The Other Mother

Interested in learning how to sew your own pads and liners from upcycled materials? Other Mother is hosting a workshop showing how to get away from pink tax and plastic, bleached menstrual products by making your own pads and liners. What you will learn on the day: - Learn the basics of using a sewing machine/overlocker - How to upcycle fabric and materials from old clothing and sheets - How to sew pads and liners with a detailed patterns - Take home your own pad and liner plus the skills to make as many as you want or need in the future


Sustainable Plant-Based Milks

During this workshop you will learn how to make plant-based milk from nuts, seeds and grains while learning which products are most eco-friendly, nutritious and affordable.


Fermentation & Probiotics

Neil Barrett from Fermentation Ireland have been selling various types of fermentation cultures online from sourdoughs (where his real interest was born) to scobies and the like. He has been fermenting for many years, his sourdough is nearly 20 years old and he ferments almost anything - milk kefir was my first scoby which then turned into water kefir, kombucha, jun (his favourite) made with honey and green tea. Vegetable fermentations such as hot sauces, pickles, sauerkrauts, kimchi, garlic scapes, beetroot kvas and so on...come along to his workshop on Friday and learn a thing or two! Before you know it, your life might be overtaken by cultures growing everywhere (and that’s a good thing!).


Eating Food Waste Anxiety

Avoiding food waste doesn't have to mean frugal food; it can lead to new experiences of deliciousness. Take a culinary journey with The Endy Bit!


Screening of ‘Bag It’

Join us for a screening of this light-hearted movie and bring your own bottle to it! Celebrate the Zero Waste Week with us and get ready for the big day (Saturday, that is!) The story of the movie follows Jeb Berrier, an average American guy who is admittedly not a "tree hugger," who makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags. His girlfriend, Anne, joins him in the challenge to decrease their use of plastic at home. This small action gets Jeb thinking about plastic - not just about plastic bags, but other kinds of plastic. "What is plastic made of? Is it recyclable? Does it decompose when it ends up in the landfill? Does plastic have negative health effects?" Jeb wants to learn more, so he embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world.


About hosts

Repak has over 2,300 member companies. By being members of Repak these companies pay towards the recycling of the packaging they supply to you.

Bridgefoot Street Community Garden
A group of volunteers run and maintained the community garden since 2015 and were part of the Save Our Park campaign that led to the planning of a new park with allotments and a community garden. The local Men's Shed has engaged with local service providers, crèches and schools. They have also set up a Repair Cafe, G.I.Y and Men's Shed - which has a core group of 10 volunteers that maintain and open the garden. Their Men's Shed has evolved to a Community Shed which is open to everybody and have started a cycling group, a rowing group and an art group. They salvage all materials from the community and make good use of it.

The Other Mother
Belle McCabe believes that cloth nappies, menstrual pads and other re-usable products shouldn’t be an elitist idea, and the mission of Other Mother is to make them affordable to all. By up-cycling old fabrics such as t-shirts, sheets, and towels, she is not only taking textiles out of the waste stream, she is also reducing the cost of manufacture, which in turn allows her to offer her products at a much lower cost. The cute vintage prints are pretty nice bonus!

Jenn from The Green Diary
Jenn is a PhD researcher on Peacebuilding and Environmental issues in Trinity College Dublin and a Permaculturist. Along with her husband Niall, an environmental journalist and the editor of Green News, they created The Green Diary, a website dedicated to promote small but meaningful changes to live in a more sustainable and peaceful world.

Neil Barrett
Neil has a couple of businesses - Hot in the Kitchen (, a catering company that also teaches cookery classes, cookery demonstrations and workshops. Recently with the growing public interest in fermentation, he was asked if he would share some of the knowledge he has gleaned from classes, instructors, chefs, little old ladies, Internet and books...and so Fermentation Ireland was born.

The Endy Bit - Anne Hession
Anne likes eating and cooking, and not wasting food. For the past couple of years, she's been posting her food-waste-minimising successes and failures on social media, and has developed a model for reducing food waste which she suggests may be applied in any home. She really believes that eating everything will save the world.