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Revived Yarn

Revived Yarn is a charity project aimed to collect the scrap yarn that every knitter and crocheter owns and upcycle it to obtain scarves, hats, gloves, and more at zero cost in support to the homeless of Dublin. The knitwear handmade by our volunteers will be handed directly to the homeless on the streets to keep them warm in the cold days. Do you have any leftover yarn in your stash that you'd like to donate? Would you be happy to volunteer as a knitter? Revived yarn is waiting for your help!



WeShare is a Gift Economy Community, sharing skills, knowledge, practical support, ideas, stuff and time and all for free. Sharing is easy through our online platform – ask for anything; offer what you no longer need. We aim to reduce the over-consumption that is depleting the Earth’s resources by sharing what we have with each other. This supports a transition from consumption to contribution; transaction to trust; from isolation to community. Putting more soul in the society!


Refill Ireland is an environmental social enterprise project leading the way to make Ireland a tap water refill country, where filling up our reusable water bottles from FREE refill locations is an everyday task. The Refill Ireland Tap Map allows members of the public to find the closest water dispenser to them, whether it's a public water fountains or a cafe/business who has pledged to offer free water. We hope to remove the need to purchase plastic water bottles - helping our environment, improving our health and keeping more money in our pockets all at the same time.


Cloth Nappy Library Ireland

The CNLI (Cloth Nappy Library Ireland) is a not-for-profit company that seeks to educate and support parents who’d like to consider cloth nappies as an alternative to disposables. We also offer a 'try before you buy' service, a loan… hence we are a library! Find us on


Open Litter Map

Open Litter Map empower people with the tools to become a citizen scientist. People photograph and record litter and get paid for this in a virtual currency. This mapping helps them communicate the problems and solutions to stop plastic reaching the ocean. Come and talk to them at their stand to see how you can get involved.


Forest Friends

Forest Friends Ireland provides an alternative to a rampant monoculture forestry policy. Through art, social media, conferences, seminars they aim to educate communities on forests, conserving woodlands, tree growing and planting, influencing government policy for trees and forests, rainforest conservation, cross-border projects, school and community biodiversity nature gardens, training volunteers and organising outings.

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