Workshops in the Calligraphy Room

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Cleaning chemistry simplified

** 11.00 am ** brought to you by Tita Jones of Lilly’s Eco Clean

Cleaning, like anything, is not chemical free. But not all cleaning chemicals are equal. You will learn about debunking cleaning product labels and how you can reduce waste in relation to home cleaning. There will also be a conversation of what is currently realistic and will make a difference.

This talk will be led by Titta Jones, co founder and CEO of Lilly's Eco Clean, an Irish producer of natural cleaning chemicals. This small company has a big dream about making a difference in both the cleaning chemicals used in daily lives as well as how to do it best by least amount of waste.


Clean Green Wardrob

** 12.00 pm ** brought to you by Íde Mhic Gabhann of Bring Your Own

We explore the idea of starting with the wardrobe you have and moving towards a collection that will be lighter on the planet, as well as freeing up time and space in your home, luggage and mind.

Íde loves shopping and clothes, but also travelling and using everything she has. In the last two years she has been able to consolidate these interests as she strives for the perfect capsule without harming the environment on the way!


Spring Cleaning Your Cleaning

** 1.00 pm ** brought to you by Molly Aylesbury of Bare Necessities

Cleaning can be a dirty business. Whether you are worried about the environment or your health, this workshop will show you how to switch to less wasteful alternatives. Going room by room, learn what changes you can make from simple product swaps, zero waste tools, or completely natural alternatives. If how to get the most from baking soda and vinegar has you a little stumped or if you just want to learn a little more come along for demonstrations and recipes!

Molly is a lifelong tree-hugger who is constantly experimenting with growing-her-own, making-her-own and general doing-it-herself. She has been on her zero waste journey a while now, and while not perfect, with a happy sourdough, zero waste beauty regime and the best popcorn recipe ever, she is happy with her progress! She is one half of the Zero Waste business Bare Necessities Ireland and Wildflower Walks Ireland and manages the blog where she is happy to chat about zero waste cleaning, cooking, beauty or broader environmental issues.


Healthy Eating with Zero Waste

** 2.00 pm ** brought to you by Zdenka Priehodova of Coming to Zero

A welcome side effect of living towards producing minimal waste is that you end up eating healthier - mainly because you cut processed, lazy pre-packaged food. So if you want to start eating better this Spring, Zdenka will show you how to choose (and make) healthy and package-free alternatives, while making your gut happy and minimising food waste in the process.

Zdenka is originally from Slovakia, lives in Dublin, she likes poppy seed cakes, licorice tea and the smell of air after rain. Some years ago, she decided to do her bit to keep our little blue planet in shape for future generations. She knows that one person cannot change the whole world but she believes that a group of like-minded people can. She shares the ups and downs on her road to Zero Waste living on her blog, mainly to keep her favourite recipes in one place :) but also to inspire others. She is very proficient in pottering around the kitchen *glass jars everywhere you look* - her new passion is fermenting (a lot) which ties in with her goal of finding new ways of preventing food waste and removing disposable plastics from one’s life.



Decluttering / Minimalism

** 3.00 pm ** brought to you by Laura Cahill

The last talk of the day will be a conversation about the concept of enough, how having less can have a positive effect on mental health and what the true meaning of minimalism is. You can also get practical ideas on how to declutter!

Laura is a minimalist who aims to create simplicity in her life to be able to have more time, energy and money for her family, career and her passion to travel.