What to bring to the Zero Waste Festival

What to bring to the Zero Waste Festival

We hope you got your tickets secured and are planning your visit to the Zero Waste Festival. Here are some essential you should put into your bag and bring along for the full Zero Waste experience.

We are happy to meet you at the Zero Waste Festival at the St. Andrews Resource Centre on Sunday, June 24th. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, just head over to Eventbrite and get them there.


What to bring

Zero Waste Festival What to Bring

No need to print your tickets, your name will be at the door, but please remember your ID if you purchased a concession ticket.

For notes

There’ll be no leaflets or business cards, so bring your phone, a camera or a pen and paper.

For workshops

You’ll need a mat for yoga, a fork or spoon for samples of food and your worn-out socks and a tennis ball for darning.

For the Repair Cafe

Broken or damaged items – clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, toys, etc.

For shopping

You’ll need your own containers for loose goods and refills and bring some bags to carry your purchases home.

For food and drinks

Bring your own mug, water bottle and lunch box and utensils. You’re also welcome to bring a picnic or a dish for the vegan pot luck.

Stuff to swap or share

  • Clean and wearable men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes for the swap shop
  • Some books for the swap shop
  • OtherMother would love to upcycle your old t-shirts and sheets (100% cotton please)
  • Spare jars can be useful for other people who didn’t bring enough
  • Bring any take-away containers you have built up to share in case people are short

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We are a community-run initiative to facilitate zero waste networking, learning, and sharing in Ireland through a series on pop-up festivals including workshops, talks, screenings, and meet-up sessions at various locations.