Zero Waste Week - Events' Schedule

Zero Waste Week - Events' Schedule

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Monday - Refuse

Zero Waste 101 at Smallchanges

Tuesday - Reuse

Zero Waste Picnic in Trinity College

Find Your Scent at Bí Urban

Food, Jars & Co. at The Green Door Market

Wednesday - Reuse

Rediscovery Centre Infomration Tour

Soap Kitchen at Bí Urban

Swap Shop at Patagonia

Thursday - Recycle

Worn Wear Tales at Patagonia

Friday - Rot

Regrow at Bí Urban

Saturday and Sunday - 5R’s

Zero Waste at Festival of Food at Airfield Estate

Zero Waste Festival Ireland

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We are a community-run initiative to facilitate zero waste networking, learning, and sharing in Ireland through a series on pop-up festivals including workshops, talks, screenings, and meet-up sessions at various locations.