Zero Waste Week at Bí Urban

Zero Waste Week at Bí Urban

For the Zero Waste Week 2018, we have also teamed up with Bí Urban - Equality for All Pollinators in Stoneybatter.

They will host a range of events throughout the week:

Tuesday -Reduce- 4th of September at 4pm - Find Your Scent

The second R of the week is REDUCE, and there are plenty of initiatives run by Bí Urban focused around that theme (ask about their crisps) but for this event the focus will be on reducing the waste and excess consumption of commercial perfume by creating your own scent.

The workshop costs €20 and you will come away with you own signature scent and your recipe will be kept on file for refills.

Wednesday -Reuse- 5th of September at 5pm - Soap Kitchen

Wednesday is all about REUSE. Come to Bí Urban in Stoneybatter to learn how they re-use the oil from food preservation to make soap. Kaethe will talk about the soap making process so if you ever wanted to make yours but didn’t have courage yet, make sure you come along and get some advice!

This is a free event - just pop in and say hi!

Friday -Rot- 7th of September at 6pm - Re-Grow

The 5th ‘R’ is ROT, which is something that Kaethe (Master Composter) knows all about. Join her for a composting workshop and attend Patricia O’Flynn’s talk on choosing compostable alternatives.

The Lifeline is a large-scale project-focused initiative which aims to stimulate the development of a new city quarter devoted to urban ecology, sustainable design & planning, and enhanced levels of health & well-being in Dublin’s Northwest Inner City. Over the next ten years, The Lifeline will provide new educational, healthcare, training and employment opportunities for residents and reinvigorate the profile of Dublin 7 through a series of ecological projects which will make imaginative use of currently wasted resources.

Bí (to be), is active wing of the Lifeline, which is working to transform Dublin’s Northwest Inner City into an outdoor classroom, attracting pollinators into the city, encouraging citizens to connect with and learn from nature in an urban context and delivering events that demonstrate the importance of connecting nature, people and place to increase levels of health and well-being in urban communities.

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