Zero Waste Festival: Make It Last

A big thank you to all the people who made our Make It Last Festival a big success. We are excited to see our festival and the interest in the Zero Waste lifestyle grow from festival to festival. A special shout out goes to all the volunteers who contributed with their time and skills and made this festival possible. We hope to see you all again at our next Zero Waste Festival in September. In the meantime, for all the latest updates and news follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or subscribe to our Atom feed.

Video Recap

Here are some impressions from our “Make It Last” Festival. With more than 200 visitors during the day, 20 info stands and market stalls, 12 talks and workshops, a repair cafe, live music, art installations and several meetups, the festival was a huge success and great opportunity for people on their Zero Waste journey to connect and share experiences.

Thanks to all the people making this festival possible.

The next Zero Waste Festival will take place in September 2018 in Dublin.

Zero Waste Festival: “Make It Last” on June 24, 2018

Below you will find all the information concerning the “Make It Last” Festival.

The Zero Waste Festival is back! With the theme “Make It Last”, we will bring you a one-day festival with a market, swap-shop, info stands, talks, and workshops.

  • For the first time, our centrepiece is a Repair Cafe where you can learn how to extend the life of your stuff through simple repairs.
  • Find out how to buy to last or just give the gift of a memory to last a lifetime in our new talks. Learn how to make the tastes of summer last a little longer, by turning them into something that can be enjoyed when the summer sun is long gone - in our practical workshops.
  • Learn how to make yourself last a little longer (or at least the calm of the holiday feeling) with a yoga practice.
  • There will be kids’ workshops, all with the idea of looking to the future, be that by planting trees to take home or a new love of drama.
  • We have also brought back the meet-ups and will be hosting several meet-ups this time. The idea behind a meet up is that like-minded people meet to chat informally.

Find all the information for planning your visit below!

Spaces for talks and workshops are limited. Buying a ticket early entitles you to advanced sign up for your preferred talk/workshop (details will be sent to you by email when purchasing a ticket). Limited places may be left on the day itself and are given away on first-come first-serve basis.

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The Zero Waste Festival is a nonprofit festival run solely by volunteers. However, to bring the festival and workshops to attractive locations close to you, we have to rent premises, arrange for insurance, and reimburse our speakers and workshop leaders. That’s why we have to ask a small admission charge from our visitors — but be assured that we try to keep the prices as low as possible. If you would like to become a sponsor or partner of the festival and help to offset some of the costs, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite and we offer three price tiers.


Category Price
Adult 15 EUR
Concession 10 EUR
Child (up to 12 years) free

You don’t have to print your ticket, as we will accept digital tickets at the door.

Concession tickets for students, pensioners, and disabled persons – you will need to present a valid student ID/travel pass/primary medical certificate in your name on the day to avail of the offer. Even though admission for children is free, we kindly ask you to buy a tickets for all your children in advance - that really makes it easier for us to plan ahead and offer exciting workshops for your small ones.

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Volunteer with us!

We are currently looking for volunteers helping us to organise the upcoming Zero Waste Festival: Make It Last.

Do you want to help the festival but don’t have lots of time? Or maybe just want free entry to the next festival and choice of workshop? Well, the solution is here! We need volunteers on the day (24th June in St Andrews Resource Centre) to do various jobs from moving tables to manning doors. In exchange for a few hours helping out, you get a run of the festival, meet like-minded people and have a first pick at the swap shops.

Spaces for talks and workshops are limited. Buying a ticket early entitles you to advanced sign up for your preferred talk/workshop (details will be sent to you by email when purchasing a ticket). Limited places may be left on the day itself and are given away on first-come first-serve basis.

Please contact us at to get involved.

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The festival will be hosted at the St. Andrews Resource Centre at 114-116 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 from 10 AM to 5 PM on June 24, 2018.

How to get there?

St. Andrews Resource Centre is conveniently located between the city centre and Grand Canal Dock and we strongly encourage every visitor to come by foot, bike, or public transport to the festival. Note that public parking around the venue is limited.

  • Plenty of Dublin Bus services stop near the Centre on Pearse Street, e.g. routes 1, 15a, 15b, 47, 56a, 77a stop directly in front of the Centre at Pearse Street Park.
  • Your closest DART stations are Grand Canal Dock and Pearse Station (5 minutes walk).
  • The LUAS gets you to Mayor Square/NCI (10 minutes walk) on the red line.

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The venue’s ground floor is accessible for wheelchairs and buggies. This is where the markets, swap shops, and info stalls will be hosted. Unfortunately, however, the upper floors, where the talks and workshops will take place, are only accessible via stairs (there is no lift or ramp to the upper floors in the venue).

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What to bring

Zero Waste Festival What to Bring

No need to print your tickets, your name will be at the door, but please remember your ID if you purchased a concession ticket.

For notes

There’ll be no leaflets or business cards, so bring your phone, a camera or a pen and paper.

For workshops

You’ll need a mat for yoga, a fork or spoon for samples of food and your worn-out socks and a tennis ball for darning.

For the Repair Cafe

Broken or damaged items – clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, toys, etc.

For shopping

You’ll need your own containers for loose goods and refills and bring some bags to carry your purchases home.

For food and drinks

Bring your own mug, water bottle and lunch box and utensils. You’re also welcome to bring a picnic or a dish for the vegan pot luck.

Stuff to swap or share

  • Clean and wearable men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes for the swap shop
  • Some books for the swap shop
  • OtherMother would love to upcycle your old t-shirts and sheets (100% cotton please)
  • Spare jars can be useful for other people who didn’t bring enough
  • Bring any take-away containers you have built up to share in case people are short

Event Schedule

Next to our Zero Waste Market and the info stands, we will host a wide range of talks, workshops, walk-ins, meetups, and swap shops.

Zero Waste Festival Event Schedule

Click the image to enlarge.

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Repair Cafe

Together with VOICE Ireland we will set up a Repair Cafe during the festival where you can learn how to extend the life of your stuff through simple repairs. This is a community event where you can bring in broken items and see how to fix them alongside expert volunteers. Repairs include electrical/electronics, wooden & general repairs, jewellery, and sewing. The overall objective is to bring back a culture of repair and support local repair businesses. So bring in your broken items and learn how to fix them.

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DIY Corner

11:00 – 12:00
Native Irish tree plant and adopt

At 11 am in the main hall, there will be native tree planting for kids and adults.

Discover how tree folklore and our fairy friends can teach us lots about taking care of trees and how trees grow. Find out how in Ireland we once had a tree calendar. Write a tree poem or create some tree-art: zero waste just art! Turn rubbish into pots for tree saplings and take a tree sapling home with you!

Claire and Rebecca are part of an environmental group bringing trees and plants for wildlife into urban and suburban communities around Dublin. They will go anywhere people would like to have trees and plants because every community and every place people live, work, play or spend time in can have, and need to have, trees and plants. Find out more about them on their Facebook page.

12:00 – 1:00
Drop-in and darn

At 12pm in the meetup area, you can learn how to darn in this drop-in workshop.

Sustainable socks are hard to come by, so make the ones you have last. No matter whether you are hard on the heels or toes, bring your worn out socks and a tennis ball to this drop-in workshop and Celia will pass on the skills she learned from her grandmother.

1:00 – 4:00
Repair Cafe

See above for more info about the Repair Cafe.

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Workshops and Talks

We will host a variety of workshops and talks during the festival. Please note, that all workshops and talks take place in the upper floor (Room 2 and Room 3) of the venue and are only accessible through stairs.

Spaces for talks and workshops are limited. Buying a ticket early entitles you to advanced sign up for your preferred talk/workshop (details will be sent to you by email when purchasing a ticket). Limited places may be left on the day itself and are given away on first-come first-serve basis.

Time Room 2 Room 3
10 – 11 The Change Machine - Drama for kids Satisfying Breakfast
11 – 12 Foraged feasts Balance Hatha Yoga
12 – 1 Living lightly - Craft for kids You can can!
1 – 2 Cleaning for keeps Do stuff, don’t buy stuff!
2 – 3 Buy to last Pickles & Ferments
3 – 4 The Endy Bit - Eat everything Simplifying the science of laundry

Room 2

10:00 – 11:00
The Change Machine - Drama for kids

At 10am in Room 2, we will have a fun and engaging Practical Drama Workshop for children. It aims to engage participants on the topic of Zero Waste and the current challenges that face our society, while focusing on changes we can all make in our daily lives. It takes this daunting subject and brings it into a tangible more accessible context that gives the children empowerment and passion to instigate change, using drama devices to create a relaxed and interactive learning environment that promotes self-development, creativity and peer learning. Suitable for kids 8-14 years.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

Diane O’Connor is a qualified drama facilitator, with extensive and diverse experience; Drama in Education, Special Ed, Youth Theatre, Adult Education and Community Drama. She received a higher diploma for Drama and Theatre Studies from UCD. She is also a comedian with training in Improvisation both long and short form. She performs regularly around Ireland and also produces shows. Diane is very excited about this workshop which brings her passion for the environment together with her love Drama.

11:00 – 12:00
Foraged feasts

At 11am in Room 2, Mies and Molly from Wildflower Walks Ireland will be talking about foraging. The internet tells us that summer is all about sunshine, barbecues, and fresh salads. Now we all know that plastic is not so fantastic, and perhaps your green fingers are more thumbs of death. So how to get your leaves zero waste? The good news is that Ireland has 40 shades of green and at least some of them are edible. Come along to this workshop to sample some examples, and learn how to make the most of your nature walks. Foraging can stretch out your shopping budget and your legs in the fresh air. (Sunshine cannot be guaranteed.) If salads are not your thing we will also be looking at desserts, drinks and other substantial delights complete with tasters.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

Wildflower walks Ireland is a two person team made up of long time friends Mies Stam and Molly Aylesbury. Mies is a third generation horticulturist who has been helping out on her parents nurseries both here and in the Netherlands since she could walk. It is no surprise that she studied horticulture and then later a BSc. in Botany in UCD. It was there that Mies and Molly met. Molly, a lifelong tree-hugger, got her BSc. in Environmental Biology before leaving to study her masters in Sustainable Development in Sweden. Together they run Wildflower Walks Ireland, and are dedicated to showing people a little of the wild that is around them, our native biodiversity and what everyone can do to be more sustainable. They hold regular wildflower identification walks, foraging and green living workshops. You can find the details of their events on their meetup page.

12:00 – 1:00
Living lightly - Craft for kids

At 12pm in Room 2, Elaine will give a crafts workshop for kids. Start the kids on their zero waste journey with some low-waste crafts made with compostable and reusable materials. We’ll be making paper masks and paper air planes, building compostable structures, and learning to write secret spy messages. There’s also a Duplo Lego pile for any kiddies that prefer free play! This workshop is suitable for kids aged 3+ years as long as the parents are present.

Elaine is a designer who writes a blog on sustainable living called Living Lightly in Ireland.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

1:00 – 2:00
Cleaning for keeps

More infos on this workshop/talks coming soon.

At 1pm in Room 2, Molly will be talking about keeping up appliances (and other items) to make sure they have a long lifespan. When Molly was a kid she imagined life would be super exciting as an adult. She did not foresee the endless life of washing that was ahead! How we wash things has consequences too! What are the stakes you ask? Well how you take care of your stuff directly affects its lifespan. If you have a minimalist wardrobe, knowing good garment care is a must so that your only pair of jeans look amazing! Is your dishwasher broken or have you just not cleaned it? Likewise for your washing machine! Avoid buying new stuff and extend the life of your current stuff by learning how to take care of the things we never think of like jewelry, our mattresses, the couch. Come along to learn more or to share more adulting tips. Even Molly may need to take notes!

Molly is a lifelong tree-hugger who is constantly experimenting with growing-her-own, making-her-own and general doing-it-herself. She has been on her zero waste journey a while now, and while not perfect, with a happy sourdough, zero waste beauty regime, and the best popcorn recipe ever, she is happy with her progress! She is one half of the Zero Waste business Bare Necessities Ireland and Wildflower Walks Ireland and manages the blog Confessions of a part time hippy where she is happy to chat about zero waste cleaning, cooking, beauty or broader environmental issues.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

2:00 – 3:00
Buy to last

A light bulb that lasts a hundred years? Ear phones you probably loose before they break? A decade’s supply of shaving soap?

There are many (durable and long-lasting) alternatives to the quick and cheap buys we encounter most of the time. In this talk, we will discuss some strategies to spot planned obsolescence, assess repairability, and fight fast fashion by looking at examples from everyday household items, to home electronics, white goods, and clothes. In the long run, buying to last will save money, stress, and the planet. If you want to learn more, come and join us for this talk in Room 2 at 2pm.

The talk is hosted by Jan. He is an environmental scientist with an undeniable passion for nature, sustainability, and quirky facts. E.g., did you know that reports indicate we consume twice as many material goods today as we did 50 years ago and that the average 10-year-old in Britain owns 238 toys but plays with just 12 of them daily? You can find more about Jan’s work on sustainable sanitation on Twitter and his blog.

3:00 – 4:00
The Endy Bit - Eat everything

At 3pm in Room 2 Anne from The Endy Bit will guide you through a process of avoiding food waste, sharing stories, ideas and food with you. What is your top food waste issue? Share at the talk and maybe find some answers.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

Anne Hession is a working mother/project management nerd who likes cooking and avoiding food waste. She posts about her attempts to eat everything on Twitter and Facebook.

Room 3

10:00 – 11:00
Satisfying Breakfast

At 10am in Room 3, Laetitia will show you how to skip the mid-morning sugar crash. Wake up to a healthy morning meal and start your day feeling full and energized with the help of a fresh breakfast bowl.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

Laetitia moved to Ireland from her native France almost 2 years ago. Her heart wasn’t in her original career in HR and asset management, so she retrained and started her own catering business. In Dublin she volunteered with the Dublin Food Coop launching their package free section, has organised buyers clubs, beach and street clean ups and demonstrations around the city and supports the work of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as well as being actively involved with the Zero Waste Festival. She believes we are the change we want to see in this world. And knows from experience what starts as a challenge can become a habit, and we can minimize our impact on the environment. Because its worth it!

11:00 – 12:00
Balance Hatha Yoga

At 11am in Room 3, there will be Balance Hatha Yoga. Yoga and the yogic way of life is the perfect antidote to today’s fast-paced life. In this balanced Hatha Yoga class, take a pause from your hectic life, become aware of your physical postures and connect with your breath. Please wear comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat if you can.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

Sharmistha became a dedicated yoga practitioner after a back injury in 2003. Her passion towards yoga kept growing and finally after a corporate stint of 8 years she answered her calling to pursue yoga full time. She went on to become a certified yoga teacher in 2017 and started teaching Yoga in India. She primarily practices and teaches Hatha yoga, and believes that the overall yogic way of life helps us to preserve our overall health and brings balance to the mind-body-soul. You can follow her on Instagram.

12:00 – 1:00
You can can!

At 12 noon in Room 3, Timi will be giving you an introduction to preserving food by canning. Timi is passionate about sustainable living: Astonished by the amount of disposable nappies they had to throw away every day when their son entered their lives, her family began their zero waste journey. Soon after transitioning to cloth nappies, they got rid of all disposable products in their house, and 9 months down the line, were able to completely unsubscribe from bin services. Since then, Timi has been featured in major publications such as the Irish Examiner and, in addition to appearing on Eco Eye, Ireland’s longest running environmental programme. She has given several talks on eco-friendly habits and Zero Waste Living at different forums from the Earth Baby Fair to LinkedIn’s headquarters in Dublin, including several at Zero Waste Festivals. You can follow her on her blog of Instagram.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

1:00 – 2:00
Do stuff, don’t buy stuff!

At 1pm in Room 3, Íde will be talking about choosing experience over buying items. We are often caught in the trap of wanting and feeling we need more possessions. Choosing experiences instead, not only is better for keeping those purchase away from their inevitable destination in the bin, but also give us a more lasting feeling of happiness.

Íde stopped buying CDs when they started to cost more than Ryanair flights, and although in the intervening years she has tried to be more conscious of her carbon footprint, she has travelled far and enjoyed some great adventures closer to home.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

2:00 – 3:00
Pickles & Ferments

At 2pm in Room 3, Zdenka from Coming to Zero will be talking about pickles and ferments. In the quest to prevent food waste, forgotten skills like fermenting and pickling come in very handy. Make a delicious and super-healthy sauerkraut before that cabbage goes bad, get past the misconception that pickles are weird and inedible sour foods of post-war Eastern Europe and learn how to save money and packaging waste by making your own vegetable condiments.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

Zdenka is a food lover who likes to keep things simple. She shares her tips and tricks for living a more sustainable life on her blog: Coming to Zero. In her free time, you’ll find her in the garden trying to coax vegetables out of the ground by any wizardry possible. She has also occasionally been sighted indoors, but is likely to cut a distorted figure behind all those glass jars full of kitchen experiments. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

3:00 – 4:00
Simplifying the science of laundry

At 3pm in Room 3, Titta Jones from Lilly’s Eco Clean will be talking about simplifying the science of Laundry, how to make clothes last longer. She is passionate about the nowledge over fear approach. This time we will look at the science of laundry vs. the different type of textiles and how you can treat your favorite clothes better to make them last longer.

Find the workshop/talk on Facebook.

Titta Jones is the co-founder, main owner and MD of Lilly’s Eco Clean, a manufacturer of natural cleaning products made here in Ireland. Both in her business and her own life she aims to live towards Zero Waste and likes the concept of minimalism. Her hobbies include learning about and trying gardening, foraging, cooking, knitting and crochet. She loves hikes, road trips and work combined with travel. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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As always, we will bring a selection of Zero Waste Lifestyle market stalls to our festival where you can source everything loose, refillable, or package free. Our partners for this festival include:

AB Studio

AB Studio

AB Studio designs, makes and sells vegan body care products in their little zero waste shop in Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford, Co. Wicklow. They will be bringing to the festival their most popular shampoo bars - each works as a shampoo, conditioner, face toning bar, whole body soap and shaving bar. Free from sulphates, parabens, perfume, palm oil and plastic bottles they are instead loaded with active and effective ingredients derived directly from nature (herbal infusions, mineral clays, plant based oils and butters, essential oils). If you prefer liquid soap they also have you covered – literally, if you wish!For more info, check out their Instagram feed, or facebook page.

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities sells loose, organic food staples and hygiene products to help you live a zero waste life. They are Leinster based, with a weekly Friday market in The Bullring in Wexford, a weekly Saturday market in Skerries Mills and once a month in Brooklodge, Macreddin Village, Co. Wicklow. Find them at the Zero Waste Festival or check out their facebook page.

Botanical Soap Therapy

Botanical Soap Therapy

Botanical Soap Therapy specializes in handmade natural skincare products including soap bars. Vegan and cruelty free, the range is made from the very best that nature has to offer. They also cater for people with sensitive skin and those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema. Empty glass packaging can be return back for a cash incentive. For more info, check out their facebook page.

Bring Your Own

Bring Your Own

Bring Your Own offers a wide range of products, including household and body care care items, loose grains, fruits, spices, and snacks. Find them at the Zero Waste Festival or check out their facebook page to check at which markets you can find them.

Earth Angel’s Wellness

Earth Angel's Wellness

Earth Angel’s Wellness will be selling herbal products created from hand foraged plants in Dublin City Centre no-dig organic community gardens emphasizing on local and ethically created concoctions infused with love! For more info, check out their website.

Green Outlook

Green Outlook

Green Outlook is an online store based in Maynooth delivering plastic & cruelty free + sustainable products. They make sure that they believe in what they sell, they are wanderers spending in the nature most of their free time. They have a great selection of canvas bags, bamboo products, natural cosmetics, stainless steel, beeswax wraps and more. They want to contribute to make Ireland green again. For the nature, for yourself. For more info, check out their website.

Lilly’s Eco-Clean

Lilly's Eco-Clean

Lilly’s Eco Clean manufactures a range of natural cleaning products right here in Dublin. Since the beginning, the company has been doing their best to reduce waste. Bottles are made out of post consumer recycled plastics. Boxes as packed with paper tape and practically every element related to production is re-used as best as possible. The company started waste reduction in household thinking early and refills were made available from the day one. Today, Lilly’s product containers can be re-used in many ways so that everyone can do it, either by bringing Lilly’s bottle or any bottle for refilling, get a refill pouch that reduces both waste and carbon foot print or using containers or sharing them with friends. For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.

Little Green Shop

Little Green Shop

Little Green Shop is joining us for the market. They sell eco-friendly, sustainable household and beauty products from reusable water bottle to beeswax wrap to biodegradable toothbrushes and washing up brushes and everything in between. A visit to their stall is a must, whatever stage of the Zero Waste journey you are at. For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.

Nuts About Nature

Nuts About Nature

Healthy and hearty vegan treats, free of gluten and refined sugar and packed full of wholesome ingredients. For more info, check out their Instagram feed.

Nutty Delights

Nutty Delights

Joining us at the festival on the 24th June with their loose dried fruit and nuts is Nutty Delights. They are the first and only dedicated Nuts and Dried Fruits shop in Dublin. They aim to provide only the highest quality and premium standard products, delivering only the freshest nuts packed with fresh nutrition and flavour and naturally dried fruits sourced from all over the world. Their permanent store is in Europe’s oldest shopping arcade: George’s Street Arcade. For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.

Natural Growing Company

Natural Growing Company

The Natural Growing Company sells top quality vegetable-, herb- and flower plants all grown from seed by themselves, following organic principles, on their smallholding in West Cork, imbued with love and care to facilitate their customers to grow their own food. For more info, check out their facebook page.

Minimal Waste Groceries

Minimal Waste Groceries

Minimal Waste Grocery is a market stall and nationwide zero waste delivery service. They sell a wide range of loose, organic dry goods covering everything from store cupboard staples to more hard-to-find zero waste items, like toothpaste and mouthwash tabs, and beautiful artisanal products from small Irish producers in a zero waste format exclusive to them. Bring along your empty containers and they will be happy to fill them for you! For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.

OI Organic Italian Hairdressing

OI Hairdressing

OI Organic Italian Hairdressing believes that our wonderful planet deserves to be respected and that its clients will benefit from its bespoke organic products which can be purchased and refilled at its refilling bar. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing and is 100% reusable and recyclable. For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.

Other Mother

Other Mother

Other mother makes upcycles alternatives to everyday and parenting disposable products. For more info, check out their facebook page.



reuzi’s mission is to offer people an online platform to connect, discuss alternative solutions and to create new habits by offering people a range of top quality reusable products that will positively impact the way we live our daily lives and the way we treat our beloved planet. For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.

Sonett Ireland

Sonett Ireland

Sonett is one of the pioneers of ecological laundry detergents and cleaners. They are committed to renaturalise water which has been used for laundry washing and cleaning by adding rhythmatised substances to their products and working with process water that is swirled and energized. The oils used for their soaps and essential oils are 100% certified organic. For more info, check out their website.

Sunil’s Cafe

Sunil's Cafe

Organic Freshly home made Nepalese and Indian Food & Coffee.

Twisted Dough Wicklow

Twisted Dough Wicklow

Irish Local Food with Polish Twist. First Pierogi Food Truck on Irish Market! Handmade, local & made from scrach, fine dining from the food truck. Twisted Dough born in West Wicklow. So keeping local products as much as we can. Organic & Local that’s their domain. For more info, check out their facebook page.

The Upcycle Movement

Upcycle Movement

A community organisation promoting the re-thinking of what we might otherwise consider as waste. Designing solutions to combat textile pollution, Irish Designer & Founder of The Upcycle Movement, Lynn Haughton, brings back beauty and a new function to otherwise redundant materials proving ‘It’s only waste if we waste its potential’. Haughton will have her debut collection at the festival: ‘The Neo Collection’ – bags and accessories made from upcycled wetsuits. Handmade with a passion for a more sustainable world and a design to be loved using again and again. Inspired by beach life and made for life’s adventures. 10% of proceeds of this collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland. For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.



Toothfaerie is a new and 100% Irish holistic and mineral rich toothpaste designed to heal gums and stimulate enamel growth (the stuff that whitens teeth) based on a magnesium and borax formula with cold pressed oils rich in omega 3, 6 & 9. This clay and oil pulling blend removes most stains and is safe to ingest. Sweetened with xylitol from tree sap and dragon blood tree resin from Peru to help reverse receding gums. Every batch is home-made without plastics or metals and packed by hand. For more info, check out their facebook page.

The Weed Solution

The Weed Solution

The Weed Solution is bringing you organic hemp products. Hemp is a renewable, carbon negative, sustainable, soil cleaning super plant and can be the solution to many problems in the form of fabric, paper, cosmetics, and food. For more info, check out their website or facebook page.

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Info stands

Want to find out more about leading a more sustainable life with less disposables and more fulfilment? Visit our info stands to get inspired and discuss your Zero Waste journey with organisations and practitioners dedicated to help you along the way.

Dublin CSA

Dublin CSA

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) involves establishing a relationship with a farmer for a growing season. It benefits both parties in that buyers get good quality food straight from the source (no middlemen) and the farmer gets a fair price for his or her produce. The system differs from a box scheme in that the partnership is with one or a small number of producers, and all the food is sourced there –– there’s no use of imported foods, and the emphasis is very much on local food systems. Another difference is that members take more of an active role in meeting the grower, discussing options, and possibly visiting the farm to help out as the scheme develops. Find out more about the Dublin CSA on their website.

Revived Yarn

Revived Yarn

Revived yarn is a community of knitters and crocheters who help to warm the homeless of Dublin. They upcycle leftovers of yarn into handmade garments donated directly to the homeless on the streets. Find out more about Revived Yarn on their Facebook page.

The Baby Market Ireland

Baby Market Ireland

The Baby Market runs events around Ireland in which parents buy and sell pre-loved baby, children and maternity goods. If you are a new or expectant parent, they can help you save hundreds of euros by offering quality, nearly new items at a fraction of the cost!

Find out more about The Baby Market Ireland on their website.

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Swap Shops

We will host several Swap Shops during the Festival. Please bring your pre-loved item along, drop them off with our volunteers, and pick up what you need from the Swap Shop.

Pre-loved Clothes Swap Shop

Bring your washed, and wearable clothes, shoes, and accessories to the festival. The Swap Shop will work on an item-by-item basis, i.e., for every item you bring, you will get one token that you can exchange for any other item in the Swap Shop. Since we will re-stock the Swap Shop continuously as people drop off new items, it’s worth checking it out from time to time in between the talks and workshops. All unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity shop at the end of the day.

Book Swap Shop

There will be a dedicated Book Swap table at the Festival. Bring your old favourites and the books you bought but never read and exchange them for some exciting new books you will never read (well, we hope you will read them – otherwise, check out these 7 Other Uses For Books Besides Reading Them). As with the Clothes Swap Shop above, we will operate on “item-per-item” basis. Unclaimed books will be donated to the annual TCD Secondhand Booksale.


We will host Zero Waste themed and like-minded meetups during the festival.

10:30 – 12:00
Revived Yarn Knit–along Meetup

Revived Yarn Meetup

Revived yarn is a community of knitters and crocheters who help to warm the homeless of Dublin. They upcycle leftovers of yarn into handmade garments donated directly to the homeless on the streets. Find out more about this meetup at the Revived Yarn Facebook page.

12:30 – 2:00
Vegan Potluck Meetup

Dublin Vegan Group

The Dublin Vegan Group will host a BYOVF (bring your own vegan food) lunch meetup at the Zero Waste Festival. Bring your own vegan food, plates, and cutlery, so you can have a Zero Waste picnic. Find more information about this meetup at the Meetup page.

2:30 – 3:30
VOICE Recycling Meetup

VOICE Ireland

Come say hi to one of their amazing recycling ambassadors who will help you get your recycling bin sorted on June 24th in St Andrews Resource Centre. Their Recycling Ambassador Programme delivers free recycling workshops that aim to reduce contamination and increase recycling rates in Ireland and help you get your recycling bin sorted at the same time!

4:00 – 5:00
Zero Waste Meetup

Zero Waste Meetup

If you are just planning to start your Zero Waste journey or if you are an expert in Zero Waste living (or anywhere between), join us at the Zero Waste Meetup to share ideas and encourage each other. The Zero Waste Dublin Meetup is a bi-weekly meetup at various locations. Find more information about this meetup at the Zero Waste Dublin Meetup page.

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Art Exhibition


Upstairs we will have an art exhibition titled ‘No Planet B’ by Mopompo, who are raising awareness about various environmental crises including plastic pollution. They are a brand created by Polish-born, Ireland-based Monika McDonnell.

Hand painted wooden furniture and functional home decor items are some of the early artwork created over the last couple of years. Mopompo’s most recent and ongoing project is a collection of mixed-media art pieces, created with driftwood, plastic, metal and fabric litter found on beaches in Portmarnock and Malahide, combined with household throwaways. The collection is exhibited under the title “No Planet B” and hopes to raise awareness about the human impact on the environment through blind expansion, overproduction, intensive pollution and disregard for wildlife. I encourages a shift from overconsumption to a conscious, zero-waste living, focused on creative reuse, recycling and protection of nature. Mopompo’s projects can be viewed and followed on Facebook and Instagram.

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Photo and video recording

We are very happy if you take photos at the festival and share them on our or your social media with the hashtags #ZeroWasteFestival #MakeItLast #BreakFreeFromPlastic

If you would like to record videos (private and to share), please talk to us in advance or ask any of the organizers during the day. We also have press passes (with free entry) available – just drop us an email at

Under any circumstances, please be considerate of your peers and be aware that not everyone (especially visitors and their children) is comfortable with having their picture taken during the event.

We will be taking photos and recording short videos during the event itself to share on our website and social media. Feel free to talk to our volunteers during the day if you do not want to appear in any photos or recordings.

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Zero Waste Festival Ireland

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We are a community-run initiative to facilitate zero waste networking, learning, and sharing in Ireland through a series on pop-up festivals including workshops, talks, screenings, and meet-up sessions at various locations.