Submit your response to the Waste Action Plan

Your voice needs to be heard! Submit your response to the proposed Waste Action Plan until Friday, February 21, and help us to transition Ireland to have a true Circular Economy. You will find all information and our draft submission here.

What is the Waste Action Plan?

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment is seeking views on the development of a new Waste Action Plan for Ireland as part of the move to a more Circular Economy where resources are kept in use for as long as possible and then recycled or reused at the end of their service life.

This consultation will enable Ireland to develop a new waste policy/circular economy plan to meet the emerging challenges and build on the targets set out in the Climate Action Plan.

How can I make a submission?

On February 10, we held a Panel Discussion on the Waste Action Plan at Trinity College Dublin and discussed the proposed plan among five panellists and the public. As a result of this discussion we put together a draft submission that you can download here.


To help you with making a submissions, the document is divided into themed areas according to the Waste Action Plan. We also collated a separate document that lists all the questions discussed in the plan if you wish to address questions we did not get to discussion with the panel. Feel free to add to the draft or remove things as you see fit. It should be your personal opinion and experience that counts.

Here is how to download the document from Google Docs:

google doc

Please note you are not required to respond to all sections or questions. You can choose to respond only to the particular questions or sections that matter to you, or to respond on issues of concern to you without answering the specific questions. Any submission is welcome and will be considered in developing the new Waste Action Plan.

Where do I send my submission?

Submission can be sent by email to or by post to

Waste Action Plan Consultation, Waste Policy & Resource Efficiency Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment Newtown Road Wexford Y35 AP90

The Public Consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 21st February 2020.

If you send in your submission by using our template, it would be great if you could let us know by email at

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